Book Drive

Thank you for participating in our 2024 Book Drive! For the months of January and February 2024, we aim to add 150 books to our library from our wish list. We challenge each family who attends Cornerstone Bible Church to donate at least one book! They can be gotten from anywhere – Amazon, Thriftbooks, Goodwill, or even your grandmother’s basement. (See the links below for ideas.) We prefer hardbacks if you can find it and it’s in your budget. Thank you in advance!

We will remove book titles from the list as we receive them!

Helpful Links

Amazon Wish List

Search for and compare prices of books

Places to find used books

Independent publishers that are reprinting vintage books

Gift cards to any of the above book resellers are also appreciated!

  • E-gift cards can be sent to: Ashley Borrego,
  • Books can be shipped directly to the church (please address it to the library): Cornerstone Living Library, 869 Cole Drive SW, Lilburn, GA 30047 
  • Books can also be dropped off in the Book Return bin or handed to Ashley directly