Our aim is to glorify God through good and beautiful literature, celebrating what honors Him and providing a space for families to connect and be encouraged. Our focus is homeschool families, providing the resources they need as they navigate home education in a culture that is increasingly hostile to Christian values. We are a ministry of Cornerstone Bible Church in Lilburn, Georgia.

Cornerstone Living Library officially opened in Fall 2023, though the church library has been around much longer.

In May 1986, a couple named Johnny and Dottie Warren graciously blessed Stone Mountain Community Church with a library in honor of their son Jeffrey, who had passed away a few years earlier. This library blessed the church for many years, and continued to do so after the church moved into its current building in 2000 and was renamed Cornerstone Bible Church. Unfortunately, at some point, the library fell into disuse and was no longer maintained.

In November 2020, Ashley Borrego and her family started attending Cornerstone Bible Church. Two years later, after getting frustrated by the lack of books at the public library that she needed for homeschooling her children, she approached the church leadership about creating a space for homeschoolers to check out books. Through Ashley’s efforts and the efforts of the many volunteers who helped her, this dream was realized in August 2023 when we officially opened the doors to the public!

We are passionate about books, and we’re passionate about community. We don’t want to just be a library but also a gathering space. That’s why we have official “library hours” to encourage our patrons to come around the same time and meet each other. We also have events to celebrate literature.

Currently, we have 7,800 books in circulation, with about 4,000 of those for children. We look forward to expanding our circulation in the years to come!

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