Barcodes and Stamps

Barcode labels

We have our own barcode labels that will be used for book checkout. This is separate from the barcodes that are printed on the back of the book. If the book has a CBC barcode on the front cover (with a number that says something like 3000000000001234), it does NOT need another barcode.

The labels are on sheets of paper with the rest of the library supplies. There is no specific order to which books get which barcode. Place one at the bottom of the back cover of each book. If there is a dust jacket, place the barcode to the side or on the opposite page so it is not covered.

If you see another library’s barcode on the book, use a black sharpie to cross it out.


We have two stamps that have our name and address. Every book needs at least one stamp to aid with getting the books returned to the correct place – they need to be easily visible.

Stamp every book on the first page, on the bottom right corner. If there is a picture or writing there, find another place on that page to stamp. If it is getting too cluttered, do it on the back of the front cover or on the next page. Make sure the stamp is not upside-down. If the pages are shiny, you’ll need to put a paper on top to blot the ink so it doesn’t bleed to the opposite page.